All You Need TO Know About Atkins Diet

atkins diet

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about a very important subject which is – Atkins Diet, many of you have been intruded from this thing and most do not even know it yet. So today we will talk about The Atkins Diet, So let’s start

Atkins Diet

atkins diet photoAtkins Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet, which Dr. Robert Atkins has developed for Weight Loss. It reduces the number of carbs and increases the amount of protein. This diet will improve the metabolism of your body and will help you burn fat faster. Its supporter claims that you can lose weight by consuming as much protein and fat as you want in this diet unless you include carbs in your diet. Many previous studies show that low carbs are helpful for diet loss. Not only does it help in weight loss but also a healthy reformer which has spoiled us for many years.

Atkins Diet Phase

The Atkins diet has been divided into four different stages, these four different steps will give you a healthy lifestyle. Let’s see

Induction phase

The induction phase is the first step of the Atkins Diet; in this phase, you will work 20 gms of carbs with your diet for two weeks, it will help you to grow your metabolism. Add protein, such as fish, eggs and healthy fats – olive oil, nuts to your diet in this phase. In these two weeks, you do not have to eat high food items like cereals, fruits, pasta, roti, alcohol.

Balancing Phase

Two weeks after the hardened induction phase, the balancing phase is also the second phase of the Atkins Diet. In this phase, you will add some nuts in your diet, and add low-fat cabbage and vegetables and fruits. You will do this balling phase when you do not remove 2-3 kg from your body, and the importance of balancing phase is important because it helps to keep a balance in your body.

Tuning Phase

Toning phase is the third and essential phase of the Atkins Diet; in this phase, you will add some more carbonates to your diet such as brown rice, banana, watermelons, apples, carrots. It is said that in this phase you have to add more fiber carbohydrates and avoid carbohydrates with refined sources as much as possible.

Maintenance Phase

The fourth and last phase is the maintenance phase, in this phase, you can eat many healthy carbs, in this phase, and you can eat without weight. Because of the hard work you have done in the first three steps, this thing although this phase is a bit difficult and many people accept defeat in this phase, you just have to stick to your diet plan.



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