Twelve Easy Ways To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

avoid winter weight gain

avoid winter weight gain, lazy winter photoIn winter people become lazier because winter slows down the metabolism rate of the body. The cooler air and shorter days in winter can trigger some changes in behaviour which encourage fat storage in the body.

Research shows that most of us could gain around half a kilogram during the winter month.

Eating is a way to raise body temperature and so when cold, we seek out food where we ordinarily may not.

We hide from the cold and stay inside more time that grows fat. This means we eat more and move less during colder period thus, the result shows a gain in weight.

Tips To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Here are the several tips to avoid winter weight gain

1. Do exercise or move your body

avoid winter weight gain,exercise photoSetting a regular fitness schedule is the key to keeping weight off in winter. Yes, it is hard to go outside for the exercise in cold but there are different ways to do exercise and move your body. Try treadmill run in a gym or at home and one of the best, Yoga, where you don’t have to go out, at heated room practice some yoga for betterment.

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2. Avoid stress

avoid winter weight gain,stress photoStress cause weight gain and also slow down metabolism, so spent some time with family friends, pets, listen to music, watch comedy shows and movies. This helps reduction in stress level and try to be positive in life.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

avoid winter weight gain,drink water photo
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Water is more important than food for the body, so drinking enough water is just as important in winter as required in summer. Drink 2-3 litres of water daily to help with metabolism.

4. Eat protein-based food

avoid winter weight gain, protein diet photoDuring the cooler months, the food intake should be protein based. Eating too many carbohydrates together with light exercise can result in weight gain. To avoid winter weight gain you have to increase lean protein.

‘Balance meals in terms of protein fats and carbs having the correct mix of all three macronutrients will help to prevent overeating and increase satiety’ said by one of the researchers.

Eat protein food like chicken, eggs, yoghurt, fish, tofu, nuts and seeds at each meal and snacks to be taken for the weight control and be mindful of excess carbohydrates.

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