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Best Arm Workouts l Many gym goers dream to have big arms like hulk, it is one of the most common muscle that every gym goers have specially boys but many of them failed to develop those muscle. No diet is not the reason, reason is in their exercise they’re continuously hitting wrong muscle group, not doing exercise properly. So, today we will discuss about most effective and best arm workouts for mass.

arms workout photoBiceps is one of the most attractive muscle of the body, it attracts people and enhance your looks, people dreaming about big biceps should have knowledge about the muscle group that they’re exercising for, then they will come into the position to develop that muscle, in order to develop big biceps you need to know about biceps muscle group, so, let’s check that

Anatomy of Arms Muscle Group

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Before starting your exercise for certain body part it is important to have little knowledge about that muscle and functioning. If you’re working out for arms, it comprises of three muscle biceps, triceps and forearms. Each muscle is divided into several muscle group. So, lets check that one by one.


Biceps are most common body part that attracts every person, it is one of the major part of your arms that give you strength for lifting something.

It consist of two muscles:

Brachii Muscle

Brachii is a two headed muscle which is located upper arm between elbows and shoulder, it consist of two section long head and short head muscle.

i) Long head Brachii Muscle

Long head brachii muscle is large muscle which forms the entire biceps brachii muscle

ii) Short Head Brachii Muscle

It is located inside the arm which forms the overall size of biceps muscle, most of the which includes biceps muscle creates hypertrophy in this muscle.

Brachialis Muscle

This muscle is located deeper than biceps brachii, it make a large portion in biceps but it play an important role in functional movements and balance the muscle size.


It is the back portion on the upper arm between your elbow and shoulder, this muscle makes your arm look broader.

Triceps consist of three muscle which altogether forms horseshoe shape muscle, If trained properly would make the entire back of your arm.


Forearm is a part of upper limb located between your elbow and wrist, which includes:

  1. Flexor carpi ulnaris
  2. Palmaris Longus
  3. Pronator Teres
  4. Flexor carpi radialis

Don’t think that forearms is not important, it is also important muscle for your wrist and elbow. So, if you are developing your arms, it is also important to develop your forearm because underdeveloped forearms will not give you aesthetic look and can give you injury while lifting heavy weight.

These are all the muscle groups that you have to follow while going for arms exercise. Let’s check out its exercises for arm.

Best Arm Workouts

All exercises are not different exercises hit different muscle group, so it is important for you to know about exercises and its functionality so that you can achieve the best.

In developing arms many people go for barbell exercises and then dumbbell, we’re not saying it’s bad but without knowing about exercise if you carry dumbbell doesn’t make your arms in a day.

So, to clear your doubts here are some of the best arm workouts which will give your arms muscle maximum growth, don’t skip here.

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Biceps Exercise

biceps workout photoBiceps is a two headed muscle, which is located in upper arm between shoulder and elbows, It is most attractive part of your body. Believe us that many gym goers have a mind set of having huge arms isn’t it.

But many of newbies makes mistakes in their biceps exercise, yes it look like kind of a joke but many of them make and later they get over inferiority complex that they can never achieve but the thing is while exercising you have to keep tension on that muscle, so here are some best arm workouts which can help you to achieve your goal efficiently.

Ez Bar Bicep Curl  

  • Stand with holding Ez bar with under handgrip
  • Tight your core and flat your back.
  • Now keeping your upper arm in place, bend your elbows with wrist straight.
  • Slowly curl your barbell towards your shoulder, don’t touch your shoulders.
  • Pause 1-2 sec, then slowly lower down to starting position.

Dumbbell Alternate Curl

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells in each hand with an underhand grip and tighten your core.
  • Keep your palm face forward
  • Now by keeping your upper arm on your side, lift the barbell upwards
  • Contract your biceps muscle, until your dumbbells reaches your length and breathe out.
  • Now slowly bring the dumbbells down to starting position and breathe in.
  • Now repeat those movements with other hand also.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

  • Grab set of dumbbells with under handgrip, Tight your core and flat your back.
  • Keep your elbows slightly bend
  • Now slowly lift your dumbbells towards your shoulders and breathe out
  • Pause for a second
  • Then slowly bring back your dumbbells as it is to its starting point and breathe in
  • Repeat this process on other side also.

Single Arm Preacher Curl

  • Get yourself on preacher bench
  • Hold your dumbbell with one hand at shoulder length.
  • Now lower your dumbbell slowly by extracting your biceps muscle. (breathe in)
  • Then as you breathe out make your bicep to curl until your dumbbell reaches at your shoulder length.
  • Do the same thing with other arm also.
  • When you curl your bicep muscle hold it for a moment then release it.


  1. The information is good but I want to add two things-
    1) Intake lot of water
    2) Avoid alcohol

    And see magical body 🙂

    • Well that’s the most important thing, I think this will open all newbies mind as well. Many newbies nowadays skip drinking water and attracting towards energy drinks. Well thanks for the reminder.


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