Most Effective Ways To Overcome Cibophobia Problem.

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cibophobia treatmentCibophobia is the fear of food . It is also known as cibophobia and  food phobia. Cibophobia may feels anxious when you eat food and may worry that food will poison for your health.

Foodphobia is of different kind- food dislike,fear of swallowing food, fear of vomit etc.

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Types of Cibophobia

Not every Cibophobia is same, some people afraid of eating highly perishable food and the food that soon rotten without refrigeration. Some don’t try new food and vomit if they first time tried. Some have fear of choking, make it difficult to swallow or cause panic as a thought of eating or swallowing of food and some have fear of cooking food as well.

1- Fear of new foods

Some people have a fear of trying new foods. This is basically happens with toddlers as they refuse to try something new and vomit when they are insisted to eat a single bite. This fear never goes away and live through the life.

2- Fear of vomiting

Some people have the feeling of vomiting if they eat certain foods. In this case they take light or soft foods or food they self prepared. Feeling of vomiting comes if food not being cooked properly, too spicy and the food that upsets the stomach and also the mind setup of particular food that will bring vomiting to the person. This kind of people mostly refuse to eat in public and don’t go crowd places. The feeling of fear lead to inability to swallow.

3- Fear of cooking

The fear of cooking is basically come when the person cook for others and afraid of presentation and a fear of overcooking or undercooking. Excessive worried may cause cut yourself or burn while cooking.

Mostly people fear of the food or associated with cottage cheese, garlic, eggs, mushrooms, mayonnaises, curd,  milk and broccoli.

Cibophobian are extremely concerned about the expiry date of the products, they check each items expiry date.


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