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Common cold

Our body’s immune system also changes with changing weather, and if your immune system is weak then you can, of course, be infected with any viral disease, such a seasonal disease is common cold, it is a common language in the form of viral infection. Today, in this article we will look at common cold and common cold and talk about common cold symptoms which you can easily identify. Before going for its symptoms let’s look little about the common cold.

There are actually more than 200 types of viruses which causes thecommon cold, rhinoviruses and coronaviruses are a most common virus for the common cold, most of the time these two are the major cause of common cold but not every time. In these various viruses, our body never builds that much immunity that can resist these viruses. This is why cold, fevers are so common. It can be usually seen in growing kids because they get easily affect this virus. According to centre for disease control and prevention children get up to 12 per year which is more than adults, so, what is common cold? Let’s see

What is Common Cold?

The common cold is a self-limiting infection that spreads through many types of virus, this common cold is actually an infection of our breathing path, whenever such a virus attacks on the breathing path, such a disease begins to appear. This common cold is caused by a 200 type of virus, in which corona and rhinovirus are the most common. According to research, the common cold affects children in excess of 12% annually and 2-4% in adults annually, the data is slightly scary, but these figures will have given you a lot of information that for whom is this virus is more harmful.

As we have just explained, the corona and rhinovirus are found in the common cold, but there are other such viruses that can increase the suspicion of its occurrence: respiratory signalling virus, parainfluenza virus, adenovirus and many more. According to statistics, new viruses are born every year, causing this disease because our body’s immune system does not compete with the new virus because it is more susceptible to the common cold.

The common cold is the most common disease in the world, according to estimates, the person in the US is estimated to suffer from 1 billion common cold per year, according to which 22 percent of the days have been found in the workplace. So now you can find out from these figures so much about how the disease can affect the economic condition of a country. So how does this infection happen? Let’s see the reason for the spread of this infection.

How does it get transmitted or spread?

By the way, the common cold can spread from many ways, but the most common is that in infected surfaces, infected secretions and sneezing of a person or especially, the bacteria emitted from its roof or a cough can infect you.

This disease is often a person from person, it is common for a healthy person to come in contact with them. A healthy person often comes in contact with infected hands or through the nose, eye infection. This infection virus is mostly on your computer’s keyboard cover or pen, book or cell phones, it is imperative that the virus be there because these things have been lying in one place for a long time so that the sprinkle of the sprinkle comes in those things. By which the infection is produced in your body. So, if you have to avoid such infection then you have to take care that the place is clean and not too washed. This is how this infection gets transmitted to person to person let’s take at its symptoms.

Symptoms of Common Cold

Typically, symptoms of a normal cold begin to affect after 3-4 days of receiving an infection, during this initial 2-3 days infected people tend to more contagious. Although these symptoms may vary from person to person depending on what type of virus is responsible for the infection. Let’s look out for those symptoms

Nasal infection

A runny nose and congestion are the common symptoms you would see in individuals with the common cold, during this symptom excess fluid cause mucous membrane to swells up and with three days the colour of nasal discharge tends to change.

Nasal symptoms are common in the cold if this symptom last more than 10 days then you should consult a doctor because this can lead to sinus pain, severe headache or may occur sinus infection. Nasal symptoms can be very contagious mostly when you are near to that infected individuals

A sore Throat

All of you have suffered from this problem of a sore throat, it is one of the most type of symptom during the winter season. Sore throats are dry, itchy and make difficult to swallow foods, it is caused by swelling of throat tissue which is infected by the common cold virus.

A sore throat can lead to severe throat infection if not treated in time, due to dry coughing that makes the problem, you can use various home remedies to get rid of sore throat problem but first, you should consult your doctor.


Sneezing is good for you but regular sneezing may increase the problem, runny nose and sneezing is highly contagious.  When any such tiny things or particle irritates mucus or throat then our external immune system tends to throw out the tiny particles from nose.

In common cold, when virus infects nasal cells then our body releases its own natural inflammatory mediators, these natural inflammatory mediators such as histamine when released then mucus secretes fluid which causes sneezing. So, always keep handkerchief with you this will help you to prevent transmission of virus.

Note: Keep yourself away from such person with sneezing otherwise you’ll also get infected.

Low Grade Fever

Fever can occur when you’re are infected with common cold virus, if you have kids in home and they have low grade fever 100 degrees or more then you should immediately consult doctor for help. A fever occurs when any type of virus or bacteria infect your body and in response to fight those viruses this fever occurs.

Other symptoms which are seen in common cold

  1. Coughing
  2. Severe Headaches
  3. Earache
  4. Fatigue
  5. Loss of appetite
  6. Body pain

These are symptoms which are usually seen in common cold, although this will help you to identify common cold.


  1. Awesome tips – seniors and elderly people are very susceptible to catching flus and colds. Guides like this are important to help reduce the chances of spreading these potentially deadly diseases. Another tip is this: if you feel bad, don’t go around elderly folks. It isn’t enough to think you can just avoid contact by staying across the room. All it takes is touching a doorknob and then your senior loved one touching it afterward to cause transmission of the germs. So, for the sake of their health, just stay home and call them instead 😉 Just my 2 cents and thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, You right Mr. Scott, one more problems with people that they get confused with flu and cold although these two includes same symptoms but they need to identify between flu and common cold.


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