Seven Outrageous Home Remedies For Your Ear Infection


If there is any pain in our body then it is difficult to focus on work, especially if the pain is related to our ears, nose, eyes or face, if you are struggling with it, then you can understand. If the pain is in the ear, then even a small voice stings like a nail. This pain is caused by infection, and infections in the ear can be because of many things. Today we will tell you about some ear infections home remedies, so you can get rid of ear infections.

The ear is the most sensitive part of our body, although all of the organs around the face are all sensitive, if any part of it get infected, then it becomes unbearable. Today we will know about this ear infection home remedies. But before knowing this let us see what causes this ear infections?.

Causes of Ear Infection

The reason for ear infections is bacteria or viruses, although it can cause lots of bacteria and viruses, it is believed that children are more prone to ear infection than adults. Let’s see some reason for these infections.

Wax Buildup

We are always instructed to keep our ears clean, that is because the excessive wax accumulation in the ears poses a risk of infection, it blocks the Eustachian tubes in the ears, causing a fluid from our middle ear Gets accumulated, which later forms the infection.


There is also an ear infection due to winter ,because according to structure of ear, one node comes out from the nose, one in the throat and other straight to brain , so due to cold or infection in the ear, It is possible.

Bathing with dirty water

It is absolutely true that bathing with dirty water or having an intake of it leads to an ear infection. If you go away to the villages of the country, then you will definitely get access to the ear infections, the dirty water penetrates our ears and makes the wax solid and closes the gates of its drainage, due to which the fluid formed in the ears does not come out which can then take the form of infection?

Using sharp objects

If you use sharp objects in cleaning the wax, keep that sharp thing in the same way, because if the sharp edges go to the wrong part of the ear, then it will cause infection which can also leads to partial deafness in the future.

Adenoids Infection

Adenoids infection occurs only when adenoids tissue is swollen, it is the same tissue that helps in fighting contagion such as infection. This adenoids tissue resides in the neck, along with the tonsil in the back of the nose, when it starts swelling in the adenoids tissue.

So, these were the main causes of ear infection and there are many other causes which can spread the infection, such as

  • Allergies
  • Changes in air pressure
  • Climate change
  • Smoking

Home Remedies to Cure Ear Infection

Olive oil method

There are many reasons for having an infection in the ear, but if the cause of infection is due to the wax, which is blocking the elbows of the bacteria, then it cannot be better than olive oil. i,e it is known best ear infection home remedies.

How to do

  • First, take olive oil in a bowl.
  • Now heat that oil in a low flame (not much, light hot)
  • When heated, remove the oil from the flame, and keep it cool for cooling.
  • With a help of a clean dropper, put oil on the affected areas when it is cool.

The hot oil will soften the ear wax, after which you will come out easily with the help of ear studs or clear cotton balls.


We know that you all will panicking with the name of salt, but do not panic. We are going to give a very good ear infection home remedies. Salt is a good painkiller, there was no medication to eradicate pain in the past, so the painkiller was used in the same way.

How to do

  • First, take a little salt in a bowl.
  • Now heat the salt on a low flame for a while.
  • Stop the flame and let the salt be cooled down to cool down.
  • Now take a soft cloth.
  • Now with the help of rubber band tie salt with a clean cloth.
  • When the temperature of the salt cools down, then lie down on one side and apply it in the affected areas with light hands for 10 minutes.


All of you know that the garlic is rich in antibiotic and anti-inflammatory substances such as antioxidants. Garlic is one of the best ear infections, home remedies that help in reducing and preventing infection.

How to use

  • First, take two-three garlic cloves.
  • Now fry garlic cloves in mustard oil till it turns in color.
  • Now filter that oil, and keep it to cool.
  • When the oil cools down, with the help of a clean dropper, apply garlic oil to infected places.

It can also eat it for good treatment, it will improve your immune system and help you recover quickly.

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Garlic and olive oil

We have just talked about the advantages of these two materials, the inclusion of these two materials is also a great home remedy.

How to do

  • First, take a juice of garlic in a bowl, and olive oil in the other.
  • Then mix two of the three blob garlic juice and one drop of olive oil together.
  • Now apply that mixture to the affected areas in the ears with the help of a cotton ball.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint has a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that have a good ear infection as home remedies in the form of infections and pain relief.

How to use

  • Take Peppermint oil first.
  • Now with the help of a clean dropper, apply lightly to the infected areas.

note :Peppermint oil is very strong, so keep in mind that the oil may not get into the middle ears, apply this only to the infected areas, or you can take a cotton ball instead of the dropper.


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