Food to avoid for healthy heart ll Do you know that every year risk of heart disease is increasing day by day not just in elderly people but among our age group and children also, It is been seen that this type of situation occurs not because of pollution but several eating habits and type of food people use to choose for their lifestyle.

Heart Health photoScientist says that changing their diet and food can prevent those diseases then there will be fewer chances to have heart problems. Here we have gathered some products which every heart patients should avoid to prevent future uncertainties. So, without getting into further delay let get into it.

Foods That Every Heart Patients Should Avoid for a healthy heart

You all know that human heart is an important part in every living creature; cardiac experts say that a good diet and some exercise routine can make a huge difference in your cardiac cycle.

They also added that having good foods in your diet can prevent heart diseases in many ways like lowering the cholesterol levels, blood pressure, insulin level and obesity which is the major cause of heart diseases. So, it’s better to go with a healthy and long life instead of letting yourself in danger situation.

Here are some the foods that you should remove from your diet ASAP and have a peaceful lifestyle.

  1. Refined and Processed Foods and Carbohydrates

Bad carbs photoMany of the studies claim that refined and processed foods are bad for health; it only gives you diseases whether you are having a good heart or a bad heart.

But if you look into carbohydrates not all carbs are bad for your health some them makes heart healthy and protects it. You all know that carbs are of two types bad and good carbs, the bad carbs are all the processed foods items low in fibre (white bread, refined flour) and good carbs are whole grain foods which are not processed and high in fibre.

Good carbs are also said to be lowering cholesterol level, maintain blood pressure and insulin level because they are high in fibre which prevents spiking of your insulin and gives out glucose slowly.

Whereas refined flour or processed foods have low nutritional value because while processing their main components like healthy vitamins and minerals are all gone out and left nothing only just finished products. So, think twice before taking processed foods.

  1. Salty Food items or diet

Many people like salty food and some people prefer more salt in their food which results in a rise in blood pressure. More sodium can cause you more damage whether you take low sodium salt or normal sodium salt that doesn’t mean you are safe.

One thing you need to keep in mind that sodium is the main component in salt and if the amount of sodium rises in the body then it will start to store water and gives bloating effect in some people.

Its right that our body needs sodium but at what amount? Does anyone know so it’s better to ask your doctor and safely use it?

  1. Food Made By Hydrogenated Oil

All know what is hydrogenated oil is in other terms it is also called Trans fats unsaturated fatty acid. What is actually does is when you consume some products made by it mostly packaged products it will raise the level of LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and lower the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) fat start to accumulate in arteries and vein which later results in blood pressure and heart stroke problems.

Many studies have linked it to higher chances of developing type 2 diabetes. So, what can you do? Whenever you go shopping groceries do check the label which shows the amount t of unsaturated fat or Trans fats, I think many people do this while shopping groceries items.

  1. Red Meat

Yes, red meat contains too much cholesterol and people with diabetes, blood pressure and heart problems are advised to prevent red meat intake instead they are advised to eat chicken and fish (white fish) etc.

Several studies show that red meat such as beef, pork and lamb contains a high amount of LDL cholesterol which will is easily make you sick if you wouldn’t stop consuming. So, opt for white meat like chicken, turkey and fish.

  1. Sugary Beverages

SOft drinks photoSoft drinks and other sugary beverages are also clearly advised to stop consuming it. So, why it bad for you? Because all the sugary beverages like sodas, soft drinks are made up of highly processed carbohydrates which will only give you bad effect on your health and some taste. Studies say that our body doesn’t respond to liquid calories so, if you’re taking lunch or dinner with any soft drinks just think that you’re taking that much calories in liquid form which you’re taking from solid form.

A research also shows that average American drink more calories than they consume it, but I think not just America but in every part of the world teenagers and youth are more diverted towards liquid calories than they eat.

So, if you’re planning to get some soft drinks to try some herbal beverages which don’t contain all these processed carbohydrates and all.

As you can see that all these food which are clearly advised to stop consuming, I know that they look delicious and also in taste but believe me they can only give you nothing but dangerous diseases.

But don’t think too much there are foods and beverages which will benefit you and keeps your heart healthy. So, on this World Heart Day, I can only aware you from some important things so you can grow more have a healthy heart.

So, guys what do you think about this article please tell us about it in the comment section below and share to more and more people about it and make this world a healthy and better place.


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