What Are The Benefits Of Eating Strawberries? Find Out Here

health benefits in strawberries

All of have tasted that red yummy, sweet flavor called strawberries, most of us like this delicious fruit because of its full packed nutrition. Most of you have seen only red color strawberries but there are variety of strawberries in world blue, yellow, white and pink, you can say that it is because of their production region and soil in which they are sown. Experts says that the smaller the strawberries are the sweeter they taste. Due to its availability in many colors it looks more attractive and that’s why they are used mostly in cakes and cookies decoration.

strawberry photo, health benefits in strawberriesYes its right that this juicy red delicious juicy fruit is contains good amount of essential nutrients that are required for healthy survival of our body parts, it cures various types of cancer as well as prevents aging. Some of you may know its few health benefits but not all but today we are to talk about health benefits in strawberry. But before taking you to those health benefits let’s check its nutrition chart for strawberries.

Nutrition Chart of Strawberry

Sr.No Contents Nutrition Value  
1.        Energy 33 Cal.
2.        Protein 0.67 g
3.        Carbohydrates 8.7 g
4.        Dietary Fibre 3.0 g
5.        Cholesterol 0.2 mg
6.        Total Fat 0.32 g



Sr.No Contents Nutrition Values
1. Vitamin A 13 IU
2. Vitamin C 58.8 Mg
3. Vitamin E 1.20 mg
4. Vitamin K 2.5 mg
5. Riboflavin 0.22 mg
6. Folates 22 mg
7. Pantothenic Acid 0.25 mg
8. Pyridoxine 0.47 mg
9. Niacin 0.38 mg
10. Thiamine 0.01 mg
Sr.no Contents Nutritional Value
1. Zinc 1.15 mg
2. Copper 0.2 mg
3. Calcium 15 mg
4. Copper 0.2 mg
5. Iron 0.52 mg
6. Magnesium 0.386 mg
7. Manganese 13 mg


The above chart shows nutrition value of strawberries approx. in 100 gm, the value may vary from others but you can have an idea of how much of nutrition you will gain in consuming 100 gm of strawberries. Now Let’s see the health benefits in strawberry.

Health Benefits in Strawberry

Now you all came to know that strawberries are so beneficial not only for decorating your dishes but also giving you many nutrition, and this nutrition packed fruit sometimes called as “queen of fruits”.  So, without getting you further delay let’s get into its health benefits one by one.

It has Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Strawberries are rich in high amount of antioxidants and petrochemicals which make them highly effective against inflammatory diseases like arthritis, atherosclerosis, gouts and asthma etc. Its anti-inflammatory properties speed up the healing process and reduces the pain.

The main cause of arthritis and grouts are muscle degeneration, loss of fluid and accumulation of toxic substances in the body. The components present in strawberries is helpful in treating this condition and in some rare cases may cure this. Old aged people should definitely try this fruit, for them it’s like never ending medicine.

Charge up Immune System

Like many other fruits strawberries also increases your immunity, it is the most common health benefits in strawberries you’ve heard, consuming this on daily basis can charge up your immune system to provide better defense against deadly virus, infections and diseases.

Vitamin c present in strawberries are great antioxidants, it fights free radicals and prevents them to damage our body provide better protection against it, free radicles are none but harmful metabolic cellular by-products which is constantly created in our body. Consuming strawberry daily can help you to charge up your immune system and fights those free radicals.

Works as Anti- Depression

Consuming strawberries daily will cure your stress and depression, it contains folate a vitamin which prevents production homo cysteine in our body. Homo-cysteine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid which prevents blood to reach to the brain which results in stress and depression.

Experts says that excesses production of homo-cysteine can prevent the production of norepinephrine, dopamine which you can call as good feeling hormone so, eating strawberries can prevent this homo-cysteine production and increase the serotonin and dopamine level when are in stress. This health benefits in strawberries can be more helpful for students and official workers.

Good for Pregnant Women

You people have heard or most of you have tried strawberries in your pregnancy but do you know why? It is because it contains folate acid (vitamin B9). This vitamin component plays an important role in growth and development of fetus.

Folic acid not only helpful in developing fetus but also in prevents birth defects and neural tube defects in infants. Because strawberry contains good source of folic acid you can have it daily but before taking first go and consult your doctor, because in some cases fruits doesn’t seem to suit patients.

Gives you Healthy Bones

We have already told you about how strawberries are helpful in treating bone disease like arthritis and gout and yes consuming it daily can give you stronger bones and lowers the chances of having arthritis and gout. It is because it contains bone strengthening compound like potassium, magnesium and vitamin k.

These three essential components will keep your bones healthier and stronger, regular consumption of strawberries will remove rust from joints keeps you away from bones disorders like osteoporosis and brittle bones.

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 Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

If you have eye sight problems then you should definitely try strawberries on regularly basis. Daily serving may solve eyes problems like muscular degeneration, dry eyes, optical nerves degeneration and vision defects. Strawberries contains antioxidants and essential nutrients which fights free radicals in our body and prevents it from damaging our eyes.

Vitamin c and other antioxidants like ellagic acid and phenolic phytochemicals presents in strawberries are capable for treating most of your eyes issues, vitamin c will strengthen your cornea and retina and prevents harmful rays from damaging your eyes. Experts suggests that regular consumption of strawberries may help to cure ocular pressure (pressure within the eyes).


  1. I love strawberries and anything strawberry flavored. Luckily, strawberries are widely available here in our country and can be bought from supermarkets everywhere. I didn’t know it has these many benefits! It just made me love them more!


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