Healthy Meal Plan Everything You Need To Know


Healthy Diet photoNowadays every person looks very alert about his diet and fitness. This is very good because it is very necessary for a healthy and better body. But have you ever wondered what kind of diet should follow in our regular routine, that is, what you should say if you are sitting in the same place for 8 to 10 hours. So that it does not increase your weight and keep you fit and healthy.

To get you out of this dilemma, I am telling some such diet plans. Which every person can easily adjust to their routine, and for this, they will not even need to do some special work. So let us know now.

Here we are telling you the Easy and Healthy Diet Plan. If you actively follow it for one month then believe me that you will be healthy and the disease will start running away from you.

Start your day with Honey and Lemon Juice

Honey and lemon water photoIf you start your day with honey and lemon instead of taking tea or coffee, then surely It can be a good to start your day. Mixing 1 teaspoon lemon juice and honey in a glass of water and taking it in the morning will eliminate the toxic elements present in the body.

  • The stomach is well cleaned.
  • The time of constipation is emancipated.
  • Helps in weight loss.
  • The energy level of the body increases.
  • Vitamin K present in it, antioxidant and antibacterial elements avoid a cough and grief.

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Sprouted grains in your breakfast

Healthy meal PlanIn the morning breakfast, the use of sprouted grains and pulses makes the body disease-free and strengthen your immunity. It is considered as good sources of minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron. One of its specialties is that it quickly fills your stomach and it digests very easily.

Dry fruit

Healthy meal PlanYou can eat dry fruits instead of eating junk meals. It helps to keep your body energetic. During winter it keeps your body warm from inside increases your immunity. You can also make dry fruits bar as a substitute for eating chocolates for children.

Lunch Should Be Little Heavy

Healthy meal PlanAfter breakfast, when you eat a meal for the day, then it should be a little heavy so that you do not get hungry. Therefore, not only by keeping limited in bread and vegetables in lunch. Dill, rice, roti, vegetable, raita, salad etc should be consumed in the day meal. By doing this you will not be hungry in the evening, and you will get rid of eating samosa-kachori in the market.

Fruits in the evening Snacks

Healthy meal PlanIf you are hungry even after eating heavy food in the afternoon, then you can consume fruits. It is very good for health. Its intake keeps the heart-related diseases away, blood pressure is controlled. In addition, the body gets all kinds of nutrients in sufficient quantity.

light Dinner

Healthy meal PlanDinner should be very light compared to day meal. In addition, dinner should be done about 3 hours before sleeping in the night so that it can digest well and the body can benefit from it. During the night you can eat
porridge or other light food items. The best advantage of this is that you will always be fit and will never need to lose weight.

Here’s the healthy meal plan that we have told you. If every person follows it then believe that you will never have to go to a doctor and you will never suffer from any disease.

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My name is Ruksaar.U.Kidwahi , I have 6 years experience in fitness and health area along with that I love to write about health tips,home remedies. I want to learn more and motivate people to live healthy and accept healthier lifestyle.



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