10 Amazing Herbs That Will Treat Your Diabetes Naturally

herbs for diabetes treatment

Diabetes is a common disease in today’s world, half of the world’s population is struggling with diabetes. Due to changing habitats and lifestyles the growth rate of this dangerous disease is also increasing day by day. Earlier this disease occurs in old age but today this disease is growing in kids also. To cure this disease scientists keep researching on various supplements and medicines, on the other hands there are some herbs that are capable of curing this disease, those herbs can have found easily at all of our households, today we will discuss various herbs for diabetes treatment.

herbs for diabetes treatment, herbs photoIn Today’s world diabetes is getting more challenging day by day as we live in a world where affordability of its medicines is decreasing, if this will be the situation then there will be a time when normal people can’t afford this. Besides these expensive medicines, there are some therapies within which you can control your blood glucose naturally, these therapies are not only safe but feel light in your pocket. Let us see them one by one

Herbs for Diabetes Treatment

As per Ayurveda, these herbs are very effective in controlling diabetes type 2 if you ever went ayurvedic treatment or using any ayurvedic medicines you can easily find these herbs extracts in that medicines. At present many people take insulin to keep their blood glucose normal, many doctors state that oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin are not much effective to keep control on blood sugar as compared to herbal drugs, thus taking hypoglycemic drugs and insulin may give some health complications, on the other hand, herbal drugs may not have any side effects until unless you got allergies with that herbs. Let’s look out some herbs for diabetes treatment.


It is common herb for diabetes treatment mostly found in every household mostly in an Indian household, ginger is effective in curing many diseases and disorders. It has the ability to control blood sugar. Several studies conducted on this herb have found that this herb has an anti-glycaemic effect, it decreases the triglycerides, serum total cholesterol and increases the HDL cholesterol levels.

Thus, diabetes is a digestive disorder, many patients face acid refluxes. Ginger is known for aiding digestion it soothes whole digestive tracts. In a recent study, it has been found that ginger helps to prevent the change in protein which is caused by high blood glucose which if ignored may damage nerve and blood vessels.

Bitter Melon (Bitter Gourd)

In Asian countries, bitter melon is said to be an effective herb for diabetes treatment, although it’s bitter in taste it’s miracle properties helps cells to use glucose more effectively and they also block sugar absorption in the intestine. According to Ayurveda bitter melon has been used so long for treating disease like diabetes type 2, this herb contains active substances like anti-diabetic, character, polypeptide-p (a compound like insulin). This substance in bitter melon works effectively in lowering down high blood sugar.

Many researchers found that bitter melon contains lectins that reduce blood sugar concentration by acting on peripheral tissues. If you will go through the scientific evidence you will find that every study has its different results, evidence show daily 200 mg of the bitter melon dose will significantly reduce blood glucose and on another study, it has been found that in a period of time it improves glucose tolerant.

Ginseng (Ashwagandha)

Ginseng is the most effective and powerful herbs for diabetes treatment available today, it uses and benefits are beautifully described in Ayurveda. In earlier times many types medicines are made with ginseng. It is believed that it has the power to increase immunity and strength i.e. in older times many kings consume this at time of war. In diabetes, it lowers HBA1c levels, in many parts of Asia this potent herb is used for diabetes treatment.

In Indian, this herb is known as Ashwagandha. There are several studies conducted on it, many researchers have found that consumption of ginseng will slows downs carbohydrates absorption and increases insulin secretion from the pancreas. It has shown a significant effect on diabetic patients who are consuming this, results tell that it lowers blood glucose level up to 20% which is effective as compared to placebo pills.

Fenugreek Seeds (Methi Seeds)

Another type of herb which is mostly found in an Indian household, it is an effective herb for diabetes treatment. But it has been seen on many conditions that it reduces blood sugar as well as reduces high cholesterol and may increase insulin sensitivity. Fenugreek seeds contain an amino acid which boosts the release of insulin. A study shows that people who took fenugreek seeds daily have significant improvement in the release of insulin and blood sugar control.

Many studies show its diverse effects on people, some recent studies say that it may not be consistent as compared to other herbs, it impacts on the human body is not very clear. The effects of fenugreek on the human body is very low on some people and on some people, it shows improvement in their post-meal spikes and control on blood sugar. Although by looking out to several we can’t come to the conclusion that it can surely lower blood sugar if you’re thinking for a try consult your doctor before starting.

Aloe Vera

You all know aloe vera is a medicinal plant, it has a variety of uses for curing hair fall, skin toning to some major disease like diabetes, colon cancer etc. Research shows that aloe vera can help in regulating blood glucose level. A recent study found that drinking Aloe Vera juice daily will reduce HbA1c levels and lowers high blood glucose levels.

In a preliminary research Suggest that consumption of Aloe Vera decrease in swelling and increases the healing process in injuries as you all know that in diabetes wounds or injuries takes time to heal or other it may occur gangrene, so, Aloe Vera acts as a miracle for diabetic patients. Its positive effects on diabetes are due to lectins and anthraquinones present in it.

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Several studies suggest that consuming cinnamon sticks or powder may result in glycaemic control and lipid profile, it helps in controlling blood glucose level and cholesterol levels in diabetes type 2 and may reduce health complication with diabetes type 2. Most studies show that consuming 1g of cinnamon daily will result in an increase in insulin sensitivity and can control glucose level in type 2 diabetes. On other research, it shows a reduction in hyperglycaemic after meals without affecting satiety.

Although there is much research to this spice, and every research have their own evidence, health experts suggest that daily 1-6gm of cinnamon consumption will reduce serum glucose, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride and may reduce risk factors associated with diabetes.


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    • Hey, Kathleen that’s sounds great, herbs are natural products with lots of health benefits. Coming to your symptoms of diabetes 2 they’re are common symptoms which you’ll find on diabetic 2 patients. some symptoms differ from person to person but commonly they are always same types. We are glad that these herbs help you to treat diabetes, and we always recommend that first consult your doctor and then start other remedies. Anyways nice to hear from you, thanks for your kind words.

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  3. Diabetes is a life-long disease; It is possible to keep the disease in full control if proper action is taken. Therefore, for the treatment of this disease, patients need diabetes as well as education, as well as the relatives of the patient should have knowledge about this disease. Because there is no alternative to education.


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