Quick Apply These Proven Home Remedies For Constipation To Get Relief

home remedies for constipation

constipation photo, home remedies for constipationThe problem of constipation and abdominal gas has become like a common disease due to irregular routine and eating habits. Complaints of stomach inflammation are also seen in constipation patients. People eat anything else anywhere. Sitting after dinner, sleeping after dinner, there are such habits that cause the complaint of constipation starts.Because of this, people use direct drugs inverted, which, after which, gives the condition of the disease to some extent, but later it comes again, so today we go to tell you the home remedies for constipation. Which will remove your constipation?

Home remedies for the treatment of constipation

The disease of gas in the stomach is most commonly seen in the elderly, but it can happen to anyone and at any age. Let us give you information about home remedies for constipation.

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raisins photo, home remedies for constipation Raisins contain constipation prevention properties. In the raisins, natural laxative substances are found, which removes constipation.

  • Take 6-7 raisins every day before sleeping will get relief from constipation.
  • In the morning you can take 4-5 cashew nuts with 4-5 raisins mix them and eat this cures your constipation.


honey photo, home remedies for constipationHoney is very beneficial for constipation. Honey works as a light laxative.

  • Before sleeping at night, mixing one spoonful honey with one glass of water, drinking it regularly removes constipation.
  • Take it all the same like that every day.
    Note: In the market, most of the fake honey is being sold, always bought from the market in natural honey.
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