10 Remedies You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Hyperhidrosis Natural Treatment.


Hello friends, today we will talk about a common problem which is hyperhidrosis as well as hyperhidrosis natural treatment. Who does not sweat, and it is necessary to sweat, because sweating removes the toxic matter from your body, but have you ever thought that if sweating comes more often, it is a problem of people with a lot of sweating, which is called “hyperhidrosis”. If excessive sweating occurs, it can be a loss, because this is because in our body the sweat glands are numbered. The gland is associated with the eccrine gland, which stimulates the sweat gland when the temperature increases, sweat moves out.


hyperhidrosis natural treatment ,sweating photoHyperthyroidism means excessive sweating, from where the sweat glands are more concentrated, sweating is natural but excessive sweating increases the difficulty, it can also be called hormonal causes or even if some treatment is going on even more Sweats. It may sometimes cause depression, I do not feel in work, and then there is a lack of self-confidence in developing a personal relationship.

Hyperhidrosis Natural Treatment

Here is some hyperhidrosis natural treatment which you can use to get rid of it.


The vinegar is a very good hyperhidrosis natural treatment that will eliminate the problem of excessive sweating.

How to take

  1. First, mix the normal vinegar and apple vinegar in a bowl with the same amount.
  2. Now drink that mixture in the empty stomach.
  3. Remember to drink half an hour before eating it.
  4. Or take the apple vinegar in a bowl.
  5. Then with the help of cotton, put them in the affected places.
  6. Leave it all night and wash it with cold water the next morning.

Applying it regularly, you will see changes.

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Tea Tree Oil

The second most effective hyperhidrosis natural treatment that is Tea tree oil, it contains such astringents that can remove the problem of excessive sweating in a few days.


This is the easiest way to treat hyperhidrosis, the natural alkaline in potato, which balances the ph. the level of the human body.

How to do

Cut a raw potato or chop it and apply it in the affected area, after some time washes it with cold water.


If any affected area such as armpits, feet are sweating, then use corn starch.

How to do

First, take corn starch and baking soda, mix them with the same amount, then place them in the affected area (use oil to remove deodorant), after drying it wash it with cold water, three times a week Do it.

Lemon water

Lemon water is the most effective hyperhidrosis natural treatment to prevent excess sweating, it contains citric acid which kills germs and its fragrance causes bad odor from the body.

How to do

  1. First, mix 1-2 tablespoons of lemon juice and baking soda in a bowl.
  2. Now add that mixture to the affected area with the help of cotton.
  3. Wash with cold water after keeping it for 20 minutes.

Black Tea Bag

Black tea contains properties such as tannic acid and antiperspirant which gives more perspiration, astringents present in it control property sweat glands and sweating. It is more beneficial than normal tea because the amount of tannic acid in black tea is high.

How to do –

  1. First, take a black tag, lubricate it in hot water.
  2. Let the tea bag stay in it for a while, then remove it.
  3. Now put a cotton cloth in some water and apply it on the affected areas.
  4. If you cannot put water, then place that black tag on the most prominent places, wash it for a while and wash it.


Chamomile is the best natural therapy for hyperhidrosis because it contains antibacterial, deodorant and astringent properties. It has a lot of nourishment that controls the sweat glands and prevents excessive flow.

How to do

  1. First, mix one spoon Chamomile herb in a cup of hot water.
  2. Mix it up a bit.
  3. Now place it in the affected places with the help of cotton.
  4. Make it daily.
  5. If you do not want to apply it, then drink it too.

White sandalwood

White sandal powder is a very useful natural remedy for hyperhidrosis, it works a great deal in controlling sweat. There are many enzymes in it that relieve the skin moisture and keep the skin fresh and dry.

How to do

  1. First make a thick paste by mixing rose water, lemon juice and white sandal powder in the same amount.
  2. Now put more paste in the place where the sweat is in place.
  3. Leave the applied paste until dry.
  4. Wash it with hot water (rubbing it) after drying.

Regularly you will see changes yourself.


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