All You Need To Know About Leucoderma Treatment In Ayurveda.

leucoderma treatment in ayurveda
leucoderma treatment in ayurveda
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The skin is considered to be the most attractive of our body and the first layer of the immune system, the skin prevents not only the adolescent but also the external factors from entering the body. If you look at the lifestyle of today, people are so much affected by pollution and cosmetics that their skin is constantly damaged, due to which the skin has to face diseases such as Leukoderma. In this article, we will discuss the Leucoderma and  Leucoderma treatment. And talk to you about how you can keep your skin well cared for.

We all like shiny and soft skin, we all are born with soft skin. If there is a difference, skin tone is not the same as everybody’s skin, every human skin is tailored to their lifestyle, hormones, and their near-environment. Many people believe that skin is an external body of our body, but in reality, the skin is the layer of our immune system. Our skin also plays an ego role like other important parts of ours.

As we grow, our skin becomes thick because there is a lot of unpleasant things in the skin, so nutrition is needed to make the skin healthy, which is a good sleep, good lifestyle, nutrition diet, regular Exercise and plenty of water are needed. Looking at the lifestyle of today, it is very difficult for the people to pay attention to these things, due to which their skin is in constant danger, due to which they have skin-related diseases such as Leucoderma, Vitiligo Before knowing the treatment, we know little about this disorder. Let’s see.


It is a skin disorder in which the skin loses its colour, which takes the form of a white patch, which is called leucoderma in the language of the physician, leuco means white and derma means skin. The cause of this strange disorder is the lack of melanin in the skin, melanin is a pigment giving the colour of our skin, hair and eyes, when this pigment is reduced, then this colour starts to fade, the dermatologist knows its eyes or skin Look at This white patch is a loss or a feeling of pain, but there is a problem in social life where people get away from them.

In Ayurveda, this disorder is known as harmless leprosy, if Ayurveda is considered, then this disorder occurs due to lack of pitta when there is a decrease in the production of pitta in the body. Occasionally this leprosy (Leucoderma) is converted to red by the itching and the patient has to face irritation in that part.

Causes of Leucoderma

There are many reasons for being leucoderma that there is no exact reason for this disorder. Some say that this disorder arises due to stomach disturbances, some say that it happens due to changes in lifestyle or the use of wrong cosmetics, although both cases are correct. This is something we will talk about for some reasons which cause this disorder, let’s see

  1. Excessive stress or anxiety.
  2. Chronic gas problem.
  3. Parasites in the digestive tract.
  4. Intake of contrary food items.
  5. Burn marks.
  6. Inappropriate work of liver.
  7.  Genetics.

So, this was due to the cause of leucoderma, due to which it is produced in the body, there are many other reasons for which we will talk later, but this reason has been seen frequently in the people. Next, we will talk about Leucoderma Ayurvedic treatment.

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