Best Natural Painkiller To Cure Body Pain


Today we gonna talk about natural painkiller, body pain is a very natural thing in our day to day life. People use to go the doctor for small ache, I am not telling you it’s bad but you can cure it by yourself at home without taking any painkiller medicines or drug.

Pain photoPain in the body is a common problem in everyday life. In the past, only older old people used to do such a thing, but nowadays people have started having problems like body pain at a very young age.

There may be many pain in the body, such as back pain, foot pain, pain in the back, headache etc. It is fine when it is sometimes but when it becomes permanent, it harasses. Due to this our routine is very much affected.

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Reason for Physical Pain

There are many reasons for physical pain some are as follows

  • Stomach pain – due to picking up some heavy things,
  • Shoulder pain– Same people who work on a computer all day long have pain in the shoulders,
  •  Muscle pain – people who exercise the whole body hurts.
  • Back Pain – people who drive for very long period suffers back pain.


  1. This information reminds me my grandparents remedies, they also use these remedies.. I must say these remedies are vry effective, Thanks for sharing


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