Natural Treatment For Asthma


treatment for asthmaTreatment for asthma can be an easy task from now all you need is patience, these are some natural treatment for asthma which is helpful in controlling asthma. The asthma attack can completely stop the breathing tubes, which can stop the supply of oxygen to the vital organs of the body. Although it is better to treat asthma with a doctor’s consultation.

Natural Treatment For Asthma

There is also some effective Natural treatment for asthma. These measures are quite beneficial. Let’s learn about some similar Natural remedies.

Ginger and garlic

treatment for asthmaBoth ginger and garlic are beneficial in the treatment of asthma. In the initial stage of asthma, it is useful to consume 5 grammes of garlic in 30 ml milk by consuming this mixture daily. Besides, asthma can also be controlled by mixing two buds of garlic in hot tea of ginger and drinking it twice a day.

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treatment for asthmaAsthma is destroyed after taking a half cup of celery juice and adding the same quantity of water in it, after morning and evening meal. To prevent asthma, steam from celery is also beneficial. For this add celery in water and boil it and take the steam rising from the water. This provides immediate relief in respiratory distress.


treatment for asthmaHoney is considered to be quite beneficial in asthma. It improves mucus, which causes asthma disorders. Sniffing of honey when attacking asthma also benefits. Apart from this, mixing honey with three times a glass of lukewarm water can definitely help in asthma by drinking it.



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