Top 6 Reason That Why You Should Do Plank Exercise Daily


Why You Should Do Plank Exercise Daily ll Who else doesn’t want to have perfect body, every other person have a desire to get in shape but that isn’t easy by the way. If you’re a gym goer or doing exercises at home, you would have been advised to do plank exercise and being a newbie every time you will find excuses. 7 years earlier I had also done the same thing as now many newbies do, but believe me this is most effective and finest exercise to train your core you’ll find anywhere else. Today I have some important message for you all that why should do plank exercise every day.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an office goer or house wife give yourself 20 minutes break and go for plank exercise. So, carry on with me and we will tell you reason to do plank exercise daily.

What is Plank exercises?

Do plank exercise daily
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It is an effective body weight exercise which train your cores and avoid your lower back pain and many more. It work on your body weight in which you to hold your body in flat position on ground with support of your forearms or medicinal ball for 1-2 Minutes depending upon your capability.

By holding your body into this position you will get tension on your core muscles, and that is what you need to achieve in this exercise. This is a static exercise you don’t need to do anything just hold your body for 1-2 minutes minimum. This exercise will create great impact on your stomach and lower back and if you’re finding best exercise to lose stomach fat then I can guarantee you that by doing this exercise you can achieve you goals.

I know it looks so simple but hold your body for 2 minutes isn’t that easy. If you ask me when I have started this exercise I remember that I can only hold my body up to 40 seconds that less than a minute but practice makes and failure make you better now I can go up to 4 minutes/plank exercise depending on my energy level and exercise routine.

This is about how plank exercise works now and if you still not convinced with these exercise then I have 10 solid reason for doing plank exercise every day.

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10 Reason for Doing Plank exercise Everyday

Doing plank exercise is easy but maintaining its consistency is difficult and you know that this is the most valuable exercise if you’re getting back pain, weight issue or big belly. It will get all your issues down if you do it correctly.

In every exercise technique and form is necessary, if both goes wrong then it will grab some other muscle or no muscle. This is one the best exercise in which you don’t need any kind of weights or any machine, you can do it by yourself. The thing you will need is your time for exercise. So, if you’re looking for more benefit of doing plank exercise then be with us. Let’s see those benefits.

Helps In Improving Body Posture

Today many people face bad back and bad body posture due to this they lean slightly forward that makes them look awkward. This is because of their no exercise routine and heavy load on their back, those people may face serious issue related to their back and spine. To remove this situation one should definitely try this exercise.

Regular planking may improve your body posture, it affect your core muscle and to do this you are required to keep your back straight. Trying this posture twice or thrice can improve your body posture

Decrease Risk of Back Injuries

People with bend neck and back suffer from constant back pain, their bad body posture may kill their sleeping posture. Due to this they suffer from back pain and spine injuries. Doing planking may help in reducing back pain. This exercise helps to build strength to core muscles as well as back muscles without giving any strain to back muscle.

Practicing this exercise daily can give you flexible back and tight core. If you’re getting back pain or having bad posture then you should definitely try this exercise.

Keeps You Balance

If you’re doing any body weight exercises then surely you will need to balance your body first then you can do your exercise. Many people don’t have enough balance on their body especially when you’re balancing your body with one leg or with elbows and toes this all require a perfect balance.

While practicing plank exercises daily will not only tighten your cores but also balance your overall body.

Improves Your Metabolism

Most of the fat people have high metabolism that means they eat a lot fatty stuffs to curb their hunger, to lose fat or build muscle you should have an idea about your metabolism. So, few minutes of practicing plank exercise can improve your metabolism rate.

Plank exercise works on all of your body park from reducing fat to strengthening your muscle specially core muscles. And you know that in this exercise you have to hold it for a minute or more and will take all energy level this will give better results in improving your normal metabolic rate so, give it a try.

Improves Your Flexibility

Many of the gym goers especially novice gets into muscle injuries it’s because they do not have enough flexibility in their body due to which they loses grip on certain heavy weights and that results in muscle injuries. Plank exercise can give relief on this because this exercise stretches your shoulder, collarbone, wrist and hamstrings. If you see in one it strengthen all your body parts but that works like secondary.

Adding planks exercise like side plank can give you better stretch at your waist line this way you can easily get away your love handles and strengthen your oblique muscle.

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Strengthen Your Core Muscle

At last but not the least it will help you to strengthen your core muscle which will give you better slimmer belly. This will strengthen your abdominal muscle but don’t expect to high with this that it will give you abs and all the main focus of this exercise is to strengthen your core muscles, for abs you need to shred your fat first not just the belly area but whole body then only you can achieve overall nice looking abs. Dream big but at to some extent because reality can make you sad.

So, this is all you can achieve when you practice plank exercises daily, and there are actually 6 types of plank exercises which focuses on different muscle groups, and I’m sure this article will encourage you to do plank exercise daily. If not may I know the reason behind that.


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