Simple (But Important) Guide To Reduce Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

Christopher Campbell
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Eat a healthy and nutritious diet instead of leaving the food or eating less to reduce belly. Regular exercise and balanced diet can be helpful for you to reduce belly fat.

Every other person with stomach fat looks disturbed. This problem has become quite common. Make a regular routine for this and follow it seriously. Let’s learn such measures, which can be increased in just two weeks by increasing the stomach.

Eat Barley bread

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Start the use of barley bread instead of the white  Bread in the food.This will prevent you from taking additional carbohydrate and will not accumulate extra calories in the body, hepls you to reduce belly fat easier.

Consume Fennel water

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Take half a teaspoon of fennel and put it in a cup of boiling water and keep it covered for 10 minutes and drink it later on cooling. Taking it regularly will reduce belly fat soon.

Coconut water

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Coconut water have more electrolytes than other fruits. Neither it contains Xtra sugar nor artificial falovour in it. There is no calorie in it, which does not cause obesity. Apart from this, it gives instant energy to the body.


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