10 Diet Mistakes You Should Stop Doing Right For Better Weight Loss

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In this little world everyone is worried about their weight and looks, and why not? Everyone receives a right to look good and fit, but it’s not that easy as it looks, looks can be managed but to be fit and healthy, Damme it!! It’s hard, but not inconceivable. Actually, in weight loss what many people do, they join gym make their own regime, am not saying it’s bad, but without having knowledge of macros and micronutrient people make their diet regime and keep trying for one year still their no results, it’s because they lack in basic diet mistakes while going for weight loss, many people are still confused about weight loss and fat loss, they make diet for fat loss and working under weight loss as results in failure. Thus, to maintain your weight you don’t have to ignore these diet mistakes which are applied by many people today, in this article we will be discussing diet mistakes everyone makes in weight loss.

diet mistakes everyone makesDieting is not like that you have to sacrifice yourself, it’s about eating the right type of foods in right time, of course, the time matters in dieting, if you are taking your breakfast at lunchtime and lunch in the evening then surely your weight will not come down because every meal has its time, a normal person has four meals on a day and it’s every meal takes time to digest after that it raises his/her hunger for the next meal.

Diet Mistakes Everyone Makes During Their Weight Loss

Dieting is meant for regulating one’s food intake for the purpose of fat loss, weight loss, or to keep themselves fit and healthy. The main reason for people’s failure in weight loss is they can’t stick to their diet regime, in the name of dieting, they use to try multiple diets which later results in failure. For perfect results you have should not brush off the diet mistakes everyone makes at their starting phase, let us see those diet mistakes: –

Skipping Your Breakfast

It’s true that many people skip their breakfast thinking out that by not eating very first meal they will not gain any calorie and if they will not gain calorie they will lose weight, it is one of the common diet mistakes everyone makes in their weightloss, for a healthy day out you need to carry healthy breakfast this will furnish you with calories that will provide you energy until your next meal. A good and healthy breakfast will give you protein, carbohydrates and a good amount of healthy fats, which will help you start your day energetically.

But what matters is the food you eat, what kind of food you are eating, is it fatty food? Or is it a kind of nutrient that is heavy to stomach? Mach? So, if you want to lose weight more efficiently you got to choose your food according to your goals. Skipping your breakfast will slow down your metabolism, which later results in unwanted weight gain.

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Getting on Monotonous Diet

This is the most common diet mistakes everyone makes that they always choose few good nutritious foods and working on that daily or weekly basis, here people usually get bored with the same type of food and they go out for other fatty food. The main reason is people can’t get stuck to their diet regime, this makes a monotonous behaviour in them.

You only think, that if you have to eat only one type of food for a month, you will get bored. So, as to make this thing not happen to choose multi-colour foods that mean include coloured vegetables and fruits in your diet and if you get bored with that type of food, make the use of the internet, magazines, YouTube there you will find many recipes related to your diet regime. This solution will not only remove your monotonous behaviour but also decreases your caloric intake.

Not controlling on Your Portions

This is also a most common diet mistakes everyone makes, you may know what’s good for your health? And what’s not, but in this between you can’t figure out the portion, am not saying that it’s bad, but portion control is the most important thing to figure, why am I saying to control your portion because in this way you will an idea of your calorie, as you can’t eat all thinking out that this will maintain our calorie. You have to maintain your portion size so as to achieve your goals.

You have diverted yourself to whole grain bread from plain bread loft, from refined oil to extra virgin olive oil because you desire to be healthy and fit, but just because these food items are healthier, you can eat a lot of it, you have to take your portion control adjusting your size of your diet. A study states that the measure of protein (substance, fish) should be the size of your palm, not one palm or two palms it’s the only palm, we recognize that many of the gym freaks who have started their gyming are crazy about protein without knowing a great deal about it, and then moving on to your carbohydrates should be a handful of and salads should be fit into your cupped hands.

We know you guys are thinking that the size is too small but believe me, try to chew your foods slowly, this will give your brain and stomach enough time to think that how much quantity will be full.

Skips Snacking

If you require to lose weight you have to maintain your metabolism up through the daytime, consuming low calorie and the nutrient food is not enough, you need to eat frequently between every 2 hours in small portions but as we have discussed in upper point about portion control. As it is suggested by various nutritionists to have a bowl of salad or fruits between lunch and dinner, and at morning time you can have nuts or raw veggies for breakfast and lunch.

Many nutritionists say that skipping your snack will increase your blood glucose level, which can make you hungry before the time. So, too for keeping your metabolism throughout the day, don’t go for skips or any shortcuts. Make it simple or go for nutrition expert they will provide you with a better solution.



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