Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Tourette Syndrome.

tourette syndrome

tourette syndrome symptomsTourette syndrome l In life with all of us, sometimes it happens when we are having conversations with one of our friends and they are talking out of strange voices? It may be with you too, and we blame them, while the matter is due to their disorder, such people suffer from the frequent disorder, which is seen as a hiccup, but slightly different. Today in this article we will be talking about this strange disorder called Tourette’s syndrome, let’s see.

In this disorder, the person repeats the same word repeatedly, or his eyes often blink and either the strange oozing out loud voices, the disorder is not easily controlled. You have often seen in your neighbourhood this time while doing this. Many times, people standing in front of the person with this disorder feel so bad. As you all know that controlling such a situation is not an easy task as it is a game of your brain. So, to know about this problem, let’s read a little about this disorder in brief.

What is Tourette Syndrome?

The Tourette syndrome is such a situation that due to which the person gets the sound and movement, it is very difficult to control such a situation. It usually starts in childhood, but usually, it takes time for improvement in other cases completely goes.  The unwanted sounds that these people make are called tics. Typically, symptoms of tics show in early childhood like about between 2 to 15 yr. of age and males are more likely to develop this trait as compared to females.

Many people say that Tourette syndrome don’t have any cure but there are several treatments which can help you manage this syndrome. It is a part of tics disorder which includes persistent and provisional tics. It is believed to be a combination of genetics and environmental factors. In most of the cases, kids with severe tics disorders decrease when they reach adolescence.

Symptoms of Tourette Syndrome

If seen, Tics are considered to be the main cause of Tourette syndrome, although Ticks is also one of its many symptoms. As we told you, the probability of a tick to appear in childhood at 2-5 years of age, you can usually find these tics in people with Tourette’s syndrome. These syndromes are classified into following:

Physical Tics

Tics which involves muscle movements like thronging up your shoulders, jumping and squatting, making motion with hands (common tics) etc. these physical may last longer or may end in seconds but that doesn’t mean that tics will not happen, here are some physical tics which can be identified easily.

  1. Blinking
  2. Eye Rolling
  3. Grimacing Face Tic
  4. Shoulder shrugging
  5. Head jerking
  6. Jumping
  7. Twirling

These are some physical tics which you can seen in people with Tourette syndrome, some of the physical tics comes with vocal tics which are follows:

  1. Whistling
  2. Swearing
  3. Coughing
  4. Throat clearing
  5. Tounge clicking

These vocal tics are followed by physical tics, although swearing a lot, coughing and throat clearing are most common tics, but don’t get confused with people who have cough. Actually, it’s little difficult to find out that people have cough or suffering from any syndrome.

These tics are not harmful but the physical tics such as head jerking, shoulder shrugging may create problem for you. If your kids having such syndrome then talk to them about this, although they don’t know about this but as a parent you can help your kids to overcome this. Many times, they lose their friends because most people get irritated with this.

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Causes of Tourette’s Syndrome

Every disease has their own reason for that cause but in Tourette syndrome there is no any exact reason, but many experts says that it is related to brain activity. The chemical which is produced in the brain which transmits neve impulse includes serotonin and dopamine which plays major role in Tourette.

Many people say that it is related to genetics, if mother or father had this syndrome in their early childhood then the children will also likely to have this tics, Genetics and sex are major risk factors in Tourette syndrome. According to one report genetics are the most common factor play in any kid’s behavior that means if any of the family members had suffered these problems then children will also get, and males are more likely to get these syndrome as compared to females.

Reports also suggest that 6 out of 10 males are more likely to get this syndrome but in girls 2 out of 10, these reports may differ in some countries or you would get mixed results in this. So, the risk factors would be a point to note if you like identify.

Prevention Techniques for Tourette’s Syndrome

Actually, there is no specific test and cure for Tourette’s syndrome. The treatment which are used to treat Tourette are purely based on their symptoms and tics types, all these treatments are used for controlling tics not for curing but in rarest of the rare cases tics would go.

If your tics are not severe then treatment is not necessary, this treatment are only meant to control down tics which interfere day to day activities and functioning. Here are the following treatments which are useful for treating Tourette’s syndrome. Let’s have a look at those treatments.

Behavior Therapy

Now all you know that behavior therapy is used to treat mental therapy to treat mental health disorder. Generally, this type of therapy helps to identify and change the behavior that affects people social life and activities. This treatment focuses on current cognitive problems and to change them.

In Tourette’s syndrome cognitive behavior therapy is useful in controlling tics which includes two other therapies

Habitual Reversal Therapy

This therapy helps to monitor tics and their occurring, it helps to learn and premonitory those tics which creates obstacles in day to day life. In short it is helpful in creating or making habit to obstructs tics.

Response Prevention Therapy

This helps in controlling your urge for tics, this therapy trains you to tolerate the feeling of tics, it is best if tics are creating severe problems in daily life. This method will work only when you’re getting urge for tics until tics surpasses.


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